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End-of-year approvals - overview of drugs and products receiving FDA approval at the end of 1997 - Brief ArticleA device alternative to hysterectomy for excessive menstrual bleeding, as well as medical products to treat osteoporosis, diabetic ulcers,


Research tips: to find packaging facts fast: various sources, including Web sites, journals, and books can help ease the challenges many pharmaceutical makers face when looking for data related to packagingIn an industry as complex and regulated as pharmaceutical, locating the right packaging information is sometimes a bigger challenge than

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Research tips: to find packaging facts fast: various sources, including Web sites, journals, and books can help ease the challenges many pharmaceutical makers face when looking for data related to packaging.Strong consumer demand is turning old toys into precious "day-old antiques." Most collectible toys follow a 20-year demographic cycle.

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U.S. pharmaceutical companies: making a presence in the Latino marketThe continuing trend of growing diversity is becoming such a front line issue in mainstream America that is forcing a change in attitudes

Only Pure Hoodia Gordonii Guarantees Weight Loss

Hoodia is by now a well-established name in the weight-loss industry, and most people will know that these products come from a natural plant called hoodia.The Hoodia plant looks like a cactus, but is in fact a succulent, and has many varieties, but it is the Hoodia Gordonii alone which possesses the magic P57 molecule. The plant is native to South Africa, particularly the desert regions of the Kalahari.

The indigenous tribes were aware of the natural ability of this plant to reduce normal appetite. This was very useful to these tribesmen, who would often have to undertake hunting trips that could last for many days, until they found the game they were after. They would more often than not set off carrying no food, and so would chew on the plant to stave off their natural hunger pangs.

Although this practice of the Kalahari tribespeople was recorded by a Dutch anthropologist in the 1930s, it is only recently that the pharmaceutical companies started to take an intense interest in this appetite-suppressing plant. Their clinical trials revealed that the body would "demand" up to 2000 fewer calories where the P57 had been taken. Somehow, this new molecule could produce the normal feelings of satiety on a much lower intake of food. So, as non-scientists, we must accept that the case is proven. Hoodia Gordonii does indeed suppress the appetite, and, for most of us, if our appetite is reduced then we are far less likely to over-eat.

If you take hoodia, you MUST continue to eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of liquids, and take regular exercise, and then you will lose weight and remain healthy. As soon as hoodia became the next must-have product, then the market became very confused, with many unscrupulous parties jumping on the bandwagon at the prospect of quick riches. Even today, the Internet can provide hundreds of sites offering different hoodia products. It is often very difficult for the consumer to distinguish the genuine from the downright fraudulent product. In many cases, the product was based on a hoodia plant, but not on the Hoodia Gordonii, the only one with the magic active ingredient, so it would not suppress the appetite. In other cases, many chemicals were added to the hoodia extract to produce a unique product, but these were not as effective, and could produce side effects.

Remember that the hoodia plant is 100% natural, and so does not have any nasty side effects. The old maxim of "Buyer Beware" applies here as in so many instances. You should only ever purchase a product based on 100% pure hodia gordonii, and anyone purporting to offer pure hoodia gordonii should carry appropriate certification. If the requisite certification is not available, you should look elsewhere.

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