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End-of-year approvals - overview of drugs and products receiving FDA approval at the end of 1997 - Brief ArticleA device alternative to hysterectomy for excessive menstrual bleeding, as well as medical products to treat osteoporosis, diabetic ulcers,


Research tips: to find packaging facts fast: various sources, including Web sites, journals, and books can help ease the challenges many pharmaceutical makers face when looking for data related to packagingIn an industry as complex and regulated as pharmaceutical, locating the right packaging information is sometimes a bigger challenge than

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Research tips: to find packaging facts fast: various sources, including Web sites, journals, and books can help ease the challenges many pharmaceutical makers face when looking for data related to packaging.Strong consumer demand is turning old toys into precious "day-old antiques." Most collectible toys follow a 20-year demographic cycle.

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U.S. pharmaceutical companies: making a presence in the Latino marketThe continuing trend of growing diversity is becoming such a front line issue in mainstream America that is forcing a change in attitudes

The best effective hair replacement methods

About 90 percent of hair on the scalp grows continually. The other 10 percent of scalp hair is in a resting phase that lasts two to three months. At the end of the resting stage, this hair is shed. Shedding 50 to 100 hairs a day is normal. When a hair is shed, it is replaced by a new hair from the same follicle and the growing cycle starts again. Scalp hair grows about one-half inch a month.

Hair loss is believed to be primarily caused by stress, illness, surgery, hormonal imbalance, hair or scalp infection, some medicines (like anticoagulants used for gout, chemotherapy, cancer), excess vitamins, birth control pills, antidepressants etc. The interest in hair replacement has significantly increased over the past ten years. Two out of every three men and one in five women suffer from hair loss.

For men, the main cause of a diminishing hairline is heredity. There are a number of hair replacement techniques that are available, although hair replacement surgery cannot help those who suffer from total baldness. Candidates for hair replacement must have a healthy growth of hair at the back and sides of the head. The hair on the back and sides of the head will serve as hair donor areas where grafts and flaps will be taken.

There are three primary different types of hair replacement methods, including the following: Hair transplantation: During hair transplantation, the surgeon removes small pieces of hair-bearing scalp grafts from the back or sides of the head. These grafts are then relocated to a bald or thinning area. Scalp reduction: Scalp reduction is done in order to cover the bald areas at the top and back of the head. This technique involves the removal of the bald scalp with sections of the hair-bearing scalp pulled together filling in the bald area.

Non-surgical hair replacement with natural treatments: Profinast is a combination of herbs, vitamins and nutrients, formulated to arrest hair loss in people, in just 7 days. Proven herbs are now enhanced with essential vitamins and important nutrients to stop hair loss immediately and promote faster hair re-growth.It`s works by blocking the formation of Dihydrotestosterone, a human hormone responsible for hair shrinkage. Dihydrotestosterone once formed, binds to hair follicle, retards growth and cuts off blood supply to the follicle.

Thus, hair starts to thin down and eventually falls. Profinast stops Dihydrotestosterone formation, reverse hair lossing shrinkage and promote hair re-growth. In a nutshell, PROFINAST provides overall nutritional support to hairs right from the root. In men with mild to moderate hair loss, clinical trials showed that 89 percent of the male patients had kept their hair and grown more after one month. It is believed that DHT is a key factor in male pattern hair loss, and finasteride decreases the concentration of DHT in a man's scalp. Profinast is available without prescription.

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